Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation


Chicago's Lift, Laser and Body is proud to present this revolutionary breast enhancement technique.

Fat transfer breast augmentation is a great breast augmentation method that uses the patient's own body fat to enhancement the breasts. The result is full, natural-looking breasts without implants. Fat transfer breast augmentation can achieve a 1 or 2 cup size breast increase. For women who desire more dramatic changes, then implant breast augmentation may be the best option for them.

People often ask us if they can use their own fat to inject into their breasts. With our new Waterlipo™ technology, the answer is definitely YES! Because Waterlipo™ washes fat out instead of crushing, melting or destroying it; the fat is in good enough shape to transfer back into the face or body immediately.

Fat transfer breast augmentation is an innovative procedure gives you the option to enhance your breasts-and sense of well-being-without resorting to breast implants. A fat transfer to the breast utilizes liposuction to harvest fat that is then inserted into the breasts, creating a natural look and feel with only minimal scarring.

Many of our patients choose to have this fat placed in the breast instead of opting for breast implants. Because the fat is living, it is a more permanent solution. Some of our patients elect to undergo a Waterlipo™ procedure in just so that they can transfer the fat into their breasts. It is an excellent, permanent option for people who do not want to get breast implants or only want to just enhance their breasts.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Benefits

Many patients feel more comfortable with the idea of a fat transfer rather than traditional breast implants.

Since the breast is composed mostly of fat, inserting fat to augment the breast creates a natural shape and appearance. Fat transfer breast augmentation also results in breasts that feel natural to the touch since the inserted material is so similar to the material that makes up the breast.

A fat transfer breast augmentation is performed with tiny incisions and the risk of scarring is minimal. Fat transfer breast augmentation requires miniscule incisions in the skin where fat is inserted. Less scaring equals a more beautiful result.

In fat transfer breast augmentation the recovery downtime is minimal. After a fat transfer breast augmentation, it may be possible to return to work within a couple days.

Since a fat transfer breast augmentation uses the patient's own fat cells, the body will not react negatively to the materials inserted into the breast. Another advantage of a fat transfer breast augmentation is the slimming effect of WaterLipo. Not only does it harvest the fat cells necessary for the breast augmentation, but it removes unwanted and unsightly fat from a problem area on the body such as the thighs, stomach or buttocks.

The results of a fat transfer are usually permanent. In some cases, a fat transfer breast augmentation revision may be needed in cases where the fat is reabsorbed by the body or if the patient desired more dramatic results.

A fat transfer breast augmentation is a great way to give back volume to a larger breast or to improve the appearance of a smaller breast. Thru a fat transfer breast augmentation, a patient may increase1 or 2 cup sizes as well as reshape the breast. A fat transfer breast augmentation can also give a higher looking profile to the breast.

Fat transfer breast augmentation is not recommended in cases where a patient desires to gain more than 2 cup sizes or wishes to have very high profile breasts. For these cases, breast implant surgery may be a better choice. Additionally, there is always a chance that some of the fat is reabsorbed by the body and that a revision fat transfer breast augmentation may be needed.

Fat transfer breast augmentation is an optional option for women who desire moderate to medium improvement of their breast (1 to 2 cup size increase) or that just wish to gain loss volume back due to weight loss, pregnancy, aging or other factors.

The only way to know if a fat transfer breast augmentation is the right breast augmentation procedure for you is to make an appointment and meet with a qualified member of our staff. Contact is now for a free consultation!

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